TDH Technology

Cavitation and Aerosol System Sterilization lamp

Cavitation and Aerosol System Sterilization lamp kills bacteria and viruses with 3 innovative sterilization methods
1. Effectively trap particles and purify the air with 4 layers True HEPA filters
2. UVC Germicidal Lamp light sanitizer
3. Plasma Disinfection System sterilizer

UVC Light Sanitizers

Using UVC or Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation to destroy bacteria, viruses, hyphae, and yeast in the air.

iTero Element

Is the latest innovative 5D digital scanner, can be integrated with Invialign clear aligners by replacing the traditional dental impressions process. Moreover, the scanner will stimulate a virtual teeth image before and after the treatment in real time.

CT Scanner (CS9300-Carestream)

This fully covered scanner is one of the most advance dental equipment at the moment. The scanner can analyze and stimulate clearer oral images, making treatment planning more effective, convenient, and reducing treatment duration.
Suitable for patients who require teeth alignment, root canal treatment, dental implant, bone grafting, and jaw surgery.

Morpheus 3-Dimensional Scanner

This facial scanner can stimulate 3D facial features and tissues, plus can analyze and stimulate the output in real time.

3 Shape Intraoral Scan

3 Shape Intraoral Scan is a 3D digital impression scanner which can be replaced the traditional dental impressions process. Suitable for patients who require dental crown, bridge, and implant.

KODAK 8000C (CS 9300-Carestream)

This digital dental X-ray uses light activation to create overall teeth and head bone images making the treatment plan more convenient.

Digital Data Studio

The studio is used to collect the patients’ treatment data, as well as images information such as dental impressions, scanning images, X-ray images, etc.

CS 9300-Carestream

Dental chairs in every branch of our clinics are highly importance in providing the dental services and supportive to both dentists and patients’ comfort.

Sterilization room

Our clean room is using international standard contamination control techniques. Therefore, you can ensure that the cleanliness of every equipment and material used in our clinic is highly sanitized.
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