Tooth-colored Fillings

What is Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings treatment is a procedure using a natural tooth-colored resin composite to restore the tooth decay, fractured or broken tooth, change the tooth color, and fill in the dental gap. The tooth-colored fillings look natural and have good appearances, so it is popular for Aesthetic dentistry.



Which Conditions Need Fillings?

  • • Tooth decay
  • • Tooth erosion
  • • Tooth becomes fractured or broken from an accident
  • • Existed fillings problems such as breaking or failing out


Tooth-Colored Fillings Process


  1. The dentist will examine the oral condition and may X-ray to arrange the treatment plan
  2. The dentist will drill the decay area and leave a part of the tooth surface to attach the fillings composites
  3. The dentist will place the fillings composites and may use bonding agent to attach the composites on the tooth. Some bonding agents may require a blue light for activation. Then, the dentist will finish off by polishing the tooth.
  4. After the fillings process, the patient will be asked to do biting and chewing test to check the biting and chewing feelings.


Tooth-Colored Fillings Duration

Tooth-colored fillings treatment usually takes 1-2 hours depends on the case’s difficulty.


Lifespan of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings can last for 10 years or more, according to good oral care and regular appointments with the dentist.


Results of Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • • The tooth is strong and withstand the chewing force
  • • Minimal loss of natural tooth compared with amalgam fillings
  • • The composite is heat-resistant, so it does not cause tooth sensitivity while consuming hot or cold food
  • • No mercury substance


Tooth-Colored Fillings Aftercare

  • • in case of front tooth fillings, avoid chewing or biting hard food
  • • brush the teeth twice a day
  • • use dental floss and mouthwash
  • • have an appointment with the dentist every 6 months to check the oral health and the fillings condition


Frequently Asked Questions



Q : Does tooth-colored fillings treatment cause sensitivity?
A : The patient may have sensitivity during the tooth-colored fillings treatment because the decayed tooth is near the pulp. Anesthetics can be injected to eliminate the sensitivity.


Q : If I have Amalgam fillings, can I replace with tooth-colored fillings?
A : Replacing Amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings is possible. The dentist can remove the existed fillings and replace by the tooth-colored fillings, giving a more natural look.
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