Dental Bridge

What is bridge?

Bridge is another treatment to replace the missing teeth. It is similar to crown but aimed for multiple teeth.


Bridge Types

  • Traditional Dental Bridge This type of bridge made of porcelain mixed with either metal or ceramic, can be used to replace the missing teeth on the natural teeth and implanted teeth, or implanted teeth on both sides.
  • Cantilever Dental Bridge This bridge is used when there is one natural tooth next to the missing gap, popular for the molar position.
  • Maryland Dental Bridge Maryland bridge made of porcelain and metal composites. It is popular for missing front teeth.

Who needs Bridge?

  • those who has damaged multiple consecutive front or molar teeth
  • those who has front teeth extraction and normal gum condition

Appointments for Bridge Treatment

1st Appointment
  • Inject an anesthetic, drill, and polish the aiming area
  • Determine the color, x-ray, and send the impression to the laboratory to make the permanent bridge
  • try-in temporary bridge
  • try-in permanent bridge
3rd Appointment
  • Follow-up appointment to check the bridge condition after use

Duration of the bridge

It takes about 1-2 weeks to produce the bridge.

Lifespan of bridge

Bridge can last for 5-10 years depends on the aftercare and regular dental visits.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Is it true that the bridge will prevent the teeth from falling?
A : Not only the bridge can replace the missing teeth, it also prevents the teeth from falling.


Q : What should I do if I have swollen gum after putting on the bridge?
A : If you have swollen gum or irritation, we recommend you to wash your mouth with normal saline solution 3 times a day.


Q : Do you have any other advice for the bridge?
A : Dental bridge is not recommended for those who have oral disease such as periodontal disease. The patient should treat this disease before cementing the bridge.
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