Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is an inflective dental disease on the gum, bone and periodontal ligament, major cause of tooth loss.



Reasons of Periodontal Disease

  • plaque on the tooth or root canal
  • illness such as diabetes, blood disorder, and genetic disorder
  • habits that develop a higher risk of infections such as smoking


Results of Periodontal Disease

  • bleeding during tooth brushing
  • swollen gum or have gum abscess
  • loosen tooth
  • the tooth looks longer or develops a gap between teeth


Periodontal Disease Treatment Process

    1. Self-treatment brush the teeth with toothbrush twice a day and use dental floss regularly
    2. Treatment by a dentist the dentist may perform single or multiple treatments as following.
    • Dental scaling and root planing major treatment, may take several appointments to finish
    • Antibiotics to control the inflection, the dentist may use antibiotics on the infected area, ask the patient to consume antibiotics, or using antiseptic mouthwash


Periodontal Disease Treatment Duration

          Periodontal disease treatment may take long period of time, depends on individual oral care.


Lifespan of Periodontal Disease Treatment

          A patient with Periodontal Disease should always take care of gum and teeth. To prevent the disease from reoccurring, practicing good oral hygiene is necessary.


Periodontal Disease Treatment Aftercare

  • brush the teeth correctly at least twice a day as instructed by the dentist
  • use dental floss and mouthwash regularly
  • have an appointment with the dentist every 3-6 months or according to the dentist, for dental scaling, and polishing.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Does it hurt to get Periodontal Disease Treatment?
A : Periodontal disease treatment can be painful since it is common in most cases that the inflections have developed to the bone structure.


Q : Why patient with diabetes has more risk to develop Periodontal Disease?
 A : Comparing to other patients, diabetic patients have lower immune to defeat the bacteria, thus developing more serious conditions. Their blood sugar levels should be controlled together with having the dental treatment.
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