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What is Dental Space Maintainer ?

Dental Space Maintainer is used when the patient loses the baby tooth too early creating teeth gap. Wearing the space maintainer will secure the tooth gap from nearby teeth movement and allow the permanent tooth to have enough space to erupt properly.

Types of Dental Space Maintainer

  1. Removable Space Maintainer : can be taken off, easily cleaned
  2. Fixed Space Maintainer : not self-removable

Dental Space Maintainer Process

  • the dentist determines the oral structure and plan the maintainer placement
  • make an impression
  • place the space maintainer

Dental Space Maintainer Duration

Space maintainer usually takes about 10-20 minutes for consultation and making of an impression, and 1-2 weeks for materials-waiting period.

Lifespan of Dental Space Maintainer

Dental space maintainer can last until the permanent tooth erupt, depends on the aftercare.

Dental Space Maintainer Aftercare

  • Regularly brush the teeth with toothbrush and use dental floss
  • Removable Space Maintainer should be cleansed regularly
  • Fixed Space Maintainer wearer should avoid chewing gums and sweets
  • Fixed Space Maintainer wearer should have an appointment with the dentist every 3 months or according to the dentist, to check for permanent teeth eruption and remove the maintainer
  • have an appointment with the dentist every 6 months to check the maintainer and oral health

Frequently Asked Questions

A : Wearing space maintainer is necessary for the children who lose their baby teeth too early/ at the early age, because empty spaces before permanent teeth eruption may cause teeth problems like crowded, crooked teeth, and others.

A : Making of space maintainer only takes a few Process like making an impression so it does not cause any pain. Wearing the space maintainer for the first time is not painful but may cause irritation.

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