Damon™ System Braces

What are Damon braces?

          Damon braces is a tooth alignment method using self-ligating technology without the need of O-ring or the elastic ties. Unlike the traditional braces, Damon has a metal door to lock and control the wire by sliding the wire instead of using the O-ring to tie the wire. Therefore, this method will create less friction from the wire movement, reduce the treatment duration, and cause less pain. The braces are available in metal and ceramic (natural teeth color).

How Damon braces work


Damon braces are fitted dental alignment braces using the self-ligating technology to adjust the teeth by sliding the wire instead of using the elastic tie. The braces are customized to suit each patient. The wires are minimal size and light weighted so they have less pressure on the teeth, thus shorten the treatment duration.

Types of Damon Braces

  1. Damon Braces made of special type of metal, has metal color so the mechanism is noticeable
  2. Damon Clear made of ceramic, it has a creamy white color just like natural teeth making it nearly invisible

Damon Braces Process

  • Consult with the dentist to create a treatment plan
  • Then the dentist will make a dental record for teeth alignment, X-ray and make an impression
  • The dentist will check and clear the teeth ex. having tooth extraction, dental scaling, fillings, wisdom tooth removal, etc.
  • the dentist will attach the alignment materials. There are cases when the dentist may ask to attach both upper and lower teeth at the same time.
  • the dentist will ask for an appointment to adjust the wire.
  • When the alignment process is over, the dentist will remove the alignment composite, making teeth impression and producing the retainer.

Damon Braces Duration

         Damon Braces usually take about 1-3 years depend on cases.

Lifespan of Damon Braces

         Damon braces can last a lifetime by wearing the retainer and taking good care of oral health.

Why Damon Braces?

  • Damon braces does not use the O-ring or elastic ties so the patient will not feel much pressure on the teeth like traditional methods.
  • Damon technology allows the teeth to adjust faster and reduces dentist appointment in changing the alignment materials.
  • Damon braces is highly acclaimed by many dentists in helping the teeth to align, achieving nicer facial structure, and nearly without having teeth extraction or having jawbone surgery.

Damon Braces Aftercare

  1. 1. brush the teeth with braces toothbrush at least twice a day
  2. 2. use dental floss and mouthwash for better oral hygiene
  3. 3. the dentist may ask for an appointment to adjust the alignment materials
  4. 4. wear the retainer as instructed by the dentist
  5. 5. after the teeth alignment process is over, it is recommended to have an appointment with the dentist every 6 months to check the oral health

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What are the recommended ages for Damon braces?
A : Damon braces are recommended for patients above 12 years old because permanent teeth are fully developed, and teeth movement will be slower compared with younger ages.
Q : Do I need tooth extraction for Damon braces?
A : Damon braces shrift the teeth to the desired position and make room for the teeth, so no tooth extraction required in most cases.
Q : What is the difference between Damon braces and metal/traditional braces?
A : Both Damon braces and metal braces are fixed alignments, but Damon braces are self-ligating, eliminating O-ring or the elastic ties. For metal braces, elastic ties are required to adjust the teeth alignment and the dentist will have to change the alignment materials every month. The treatment is personalized to each patient’s oral structure, created less friction, and quicker treatment duration.
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