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Teeth Alignment

Teeth Alignment is a procedure aimed to fix the misalignment of the teeth and bite problems (malocclusion). The treatment can also help reducing the teeth decay or gum diseases because misalignment teeth and surrounding gum are difficult to brush. Attaching the teeth alignment composites will add pressure to the teeth and convey the teeth to align nicely and in the desired direction.

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Reasons of Teeth Alignment

Hereditary factors

Hereditary factors from biological inheritance, transfer from generation to generation such as;

  • teeth numbers ex. missing teeth, additional teeth
  • mismatching size of jawbone and teeth

Environmental factors

Environmental factors can be from behavior or surrounding such as;

  • certain habits like finger-sucking, nail-biting, thrusting the tongue against the teeth, and mouth breathing.
  • early baby tooth loss
  • tooth loss with no replacement, causing the nearby tooth to crook
  • front face injury

Types of Teeth Alignment

Fixed Aligner

  • Metal braces
  • Self-ligating braces (Damon braces)
จัดฟัน จัดฟันดามอน จัดฟันเหล็ก จัดฟันโลหะ

Removable Aligner

  • Invisalign Clear Aligner
จัดฟัน จัดฟันดามอน จัดฟันเหล็ก จัดฟันโลหะ

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