Tooth Extraction

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure to remove the tooth from the jawbone which is the most common type of oral surgeries. The procedure can be defined by different levels of difficulties.


Reasons of Tooth Extraction

  • severe tooth decay or inflected
  • a tooth that distracts other teeth’s eruption
  • severe Periodontal disease that may affect the tooth’s soft tissue and bone
  • for teeth alignment purposes
  • unrepairable chipped or broken tooth
  • wisdom tooth that is unable to erupt properly
  • a tooth embedded in the broken/dislocated jawbone
  • tooth extraction before taking head and neck radiotherapy


Tooth Extraction Process

  1. X-ray to check the tooth shape and position of the root in jawbone to plan the treatment before the extraction
  2. local anesthesia or anesthetics is injected to numb the area (depends on cases)
  3. the tooth is removed
  4. after the extraction, the dentist will place a sanitized gauze and ask to bite the gauze firmly


Tooth Extraction Duration

Tooth extraction usually takes about 1 hour depend on the cases’ difficulties.


Tooth Extraction Aftercare

  • bite the gauze firmly for 30-60 minutes after the extraction or until stop bleeding
  • having soft food on the first few days
  • sleep on high pillow that will keep the head higher from the body, preventing from bleeding
  • avoid blood sucking or wound sucking which may affect more bleeding
  • avoid smoking and drinking alcohol which can slow down the healing
  • avoid excessive splitting within 24 hours after the extraction which may affect more bleeding
  • take a painkiller according to dentist’s instruction and use cold compress for 15-30 minutes to reduce the pain and swollen


Tooth Extraction Healing Time

  1. after the extraction, a blood clot forms inside the socket
  2. granulation tissue is formed on the surface of the wound during the healing
  3. after that, a blood clot starts to form a new tissue and bone structure

Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Does it hurt to get tooth extraction?
A : Tooth extraction can be painful. However, the dentist will use the anesthetics to numb the area to reduce the pain before the tooth extraction process. Also, the painkiller will be given to relieve the pain after the surgery.


Q : Diseases that require special care for tooth extraction
  • Diabetes (Diabetes)
  • High Blood Pressure (High Blood Pressure)
  • Cardiovascular/ Heart Disease (Cardiovascular/ Heart Disease)
For the patients’ safety, patients with the above diseases should inform the dentist before any treatment because each disease needs different special care.
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