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Why Tooth Filling ?

Tooth filling is used to repair the decay tooth, to restore both function and appearance of the decay tooth to back to normal and eliminate the chances of tooth decay. Filling is performed by removing the decay tooth and replacing the area with the dental filling.

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Types of Fillings

  • Amalgams : silver color, strong, durable, usually used on molar teeth
  • Composite Resin : tooth-colored, looks natural, good appearance, popular for front tooth

Filling Process

  • The dentist will examine the teeth, may involve X-ray
  • Anesthetics may be used to numb the area in case of deep tooth decay, or the patient feels discomfort
  • Drilling and removing the inflected tooth
  • Polishing the area to prepare for the dental filling
  • Placing with dental filling
  • Polishing the tooth surface and doing biting/chewing test

Filling Duration

Filling treatment usually takes about 1-2 hours depends on the case’s difficulties.

Lifespan of Filling

Filling lifespan is also depending on the aftercare.

Filling Aftercare

  • having front tooth filling should avoid chewing or biting hard food because the filling material may break or scratching the tooth surface
  • Brush the teeth with toothbrush, use dental floss and mouthwash
  • Have an appointment with the dentist every 6 months to check the oral health and filling’s condition

Frequently Asked Questions

A : Signs of Tooth Decay?

  • toothache and sore gum
  • swollen gum
  • bad breathing or bad taste in the mouth
  • tooth sensitivity

A : For those who wear retainer or denture, it is recommended to bring the retainer or denture on the treatment day. After the treatment, the dentist will ask the patient to wear retainer or denture to check the overall alignment. Additional teeth polishing or drilling may require if the filling does not fit properly.

A : Having sensitivity right after the dental filling treatment can be because the filling is too high, material’s flaw and side effect from the materials. If the sensitivity does not stop, it is recommended to contact the dentist immediately for additional treatment.

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