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Dental Scaling and Polishing

Why Tooth Scaling and Polishing is necessary?

Dental Scaling and Polishing is a treatment to remove a collective plaque or tartar. When the plaque is hardened, it will form into tartar and can not be eliminated by brushing the teeth. Untreated plaque building up on the teeth and gumline may lead to gum disease, tooth decay, discoloration, bad breathing, and tooth loss.

ขูดหินปูน ขัดฟัน ขจัดคราบพลัค

Tooth Scaling and Polishing Process

  • the dentist will check the oral condition and amount of tartar
  • Then, the dentist will scrap the tartar with high frequency scaler.
  • and finish off by polishing the teeth

Tooth Scaling and Polishing Duration

Tooth scaling and polishing process usually takes about 1 hour depends on the amount of tartar.

Lifespan of Tooth Scaling and Polishing

It is recommended to do tooth scaling and polishing every 6 months because plaque is always building up on the teeth.

Tooth Scaling and Polishing Aftercare

  • brush with teeth with fluorite toothpaste at least twice a day
  • avoid too hot/cold, sour, sweet food and drinks that may create sensitivity
  • use dental floss and mouthwash regularly
  • avoid smoking because researches found smokers may collect more stain than non-smokers
  • have an appointment with the dentist every 6 months to do check up and tooth scaling and polishing treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chronic Disease those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, cardiovascular/ heart disease should be under the dentist and doctor’s special care to prevent from any side effect from tooth scaling and polishing.
  • Patient with Pacemaker Insertion Patient with pacemaker insertion is not recommended to do tooth scaling and polishing with electric scaler, since the scaler may distract the pacemaker device and stimulate Cardiac Arrhythmia. It is recommended to use hand-held instruments only.

A : It is quite normal to have sensitivity during tooth scaling and polishing. The sensitivity is caused when removing tartar from the tooth, the tooth does not have any covering, so it creates a certain response such as pain or feeling sensitive. However, if the patient feels too sensitive, an anesthetic can be used to numb the area.

A : We do not recommend self-scaling and polishing because it may cause injury, wound or swollen gum. Dental scaling and polishing performed by the dentist who uses tools especially for scaling and polishing is more recommended.

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