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General Dentistry

General dentistry is dental services covering dental checkup, x-ray, and consultation to ensure the most effective and suitable solutions for oral health.

Dental consultation

Dental consultation is a first step of dental treatment in developing an accurate and effective treatment plan, may involve x-ray and teeth impression.

ขูดหินปูน ขัดฟัน อุดฟัน

Dental Scaling and Polishing

Dental Scaling and Polishing is a procedure to eliminate the tartar and plaque building up on the teeth and gumline. The dentist may polish the teeth with fluorite composites to get rid of the discoloration caused from food stain.

ขูดหินปูน ขัดฟัน อุดฟัน
ขูดหินปูน ขัดฟัน อุดฟัน

Tooth Filling

Tooth Filling is a treatment to restore both function and appearance of the decay damaged tooth and prevent chances of new tooth decay.

ขูดหินปูน ขัดฟัน อุดฟัน

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