Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening will improve yellow or tooth discoloration from aging, stain-causing food and drinks, smoking, taking certain medicines and diseases, and an accident. To have whiter and cleaner teeth, building personal development, as well as achieving a brighter smile.

Types of Teeth Whitening

1.Self-Teeth Whitening at home

2.Teeth Whitening by at clinic

Self-Teeth Whitening at Home

          Using teeth whitening kits and having self-treatment at home

Self-Teeth Whitening at Home Process

    1. The dentist will examine your teeth color, create dental impression and custom whitening mouthguard or tray molded for your teeth
    2. Picking up the whitening agent and the tray after 1-2 days
    3. Apply a tiny drop (a size of a mung bean) of the whitening agent on the tray
    4. Wear the whitening tray according to dentist’s instructions, this also depends on bleaching agent concentration.
    5. 5. Clean and rinse off the bleaching agent from your teeth and the tray

Self-Teeth Whitening at Home Duration

           At the beginning, it is recommended to bleach the teeth every day or once every 2 days if you have sensitive teeth. This whitening process should continue consecutively for 2-4 weeks.


Lifespan of Self-Teeth Whitening at Home

            The lifespan of the self-teeth whitening at homcan last for 6-12 months depends on the aftercare. If you feel that your teeth’s color start to wear off, you may ask the dentist for additional bleaching.


2.Teeth Whitening at Clinic

            The teeth whitening by a dentist at clinic will be done by using “Zoom White Speed” Teeth Whitening technology. This technology is fast, convenience, and has immediate impact.

Teeth Whitening at Clinic Process

    1. The dentist will polish your teeth, examine the color, and x-ray before teeth whitening procedure
    2. Then, he/she will place the protective barrier to protect your lip, gum and frenum.
    3. Whitening agent will be applied on the teeth surface.
    4. Bright light is used in this step to activate the agent. It takes 3 times, 15 minutes each.
    5. Finally, the dentist will take off the protective barrier, x-ray and compare the teeth color.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Duration

           Usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour and the result is visible right after the bleaching process.

Why do we choose Zoom?

            Zoom White Speed Teeth Whitening is an innovative teeth-whitening procedure from Royal Phillips, a leading health technology company from USA. Phillips Zoom Blue LED light can be adjusted to 3 concentrate levels to activate the whitening agent via cases. The light helps delivering the enamel protection quickly and effectively. Guaranteed by world’s leading hospitals and dental clinics, the technology can whiten your smile up to 8 different shades, giving you the most natural smiles than other technologies. Much more, this technology is designed to have an immediate impact and not to interfere with your denture, veneer, enamel, and fillings.

Tooth-Whitening Aftercare

    1. Avoid stain-causing food and drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, etc.
    2. Avoid smoking
    3. Brush your teeth as usual

Who should avoid tooth-whitening?

    1. Children younger than 14 years old because the pulp is not yet fully developed and may have risks.
    2. Pregnant women or breastfeeding moms
    3. Those who have periodontal disease (gum disease)
    4. Those who have dental and oral health problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Teeth-whitening causes sensitive teeth?
A : According to leading researchers and medical laboratories, patients experience less sensitivity using Zoom White Speed Teeth Whitening compared with other teeth-whitening technologies.


Q : Lifespan of Teeth Whitening
A : The lifespan of teeth whitening is depending on the aftercare and through daily activities like eating, smoking, and brushing the teeth. The better effort you take, the longer the lifespan of teeth whitening lasts.
Q : Can I consume as usual after the teeth-whitening?
A : You may consume as usual. However, we recommend you avoiding too hot or too cold food and drinks, stain-causing food such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, as well as smoking.
Q : Can I do teeth-whitening during teeth alignments?
A : We do not recommend applying teeth-whitening if you are during your teeth alignments because the alignment materials or composites can distract the procedure and bleaching may not be thoroughly.
Q : Does scaling before whitening necessary?
A : Teeth cleaning before whitening procedure is essential if you have plaque, thus making the whitening procedure more effective
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