How does Tooth-Colored Fillings Work?

Tooth-colored fillings is a type of fillings using natural tooth color to fill in tooth’s cavity, so the tooth looks bigger and the gap gets closer. This can be done by slight drilling or no drilling at all.

Reasons of Spacing Issues

  1. imbalance sizes of teeth and jaw lines
  2. certain habits such as tongue thrusting, swallowing, and finger sucking adapted from childhood.
  3. losing baby tooth too early or failure of permanent tooth’s eruption may create space, tilted tooth, or misalignment in those area.
  4. frenum is too big or gets too close to the tooth
    There are many reasons for spacing issues. The treatment may vary by case. If the case is not complex, then tooth-colored fillings can be an option.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Process

    1. Dentist will check up the tooth’s condition and determine if fillings are necessary.
    2. Slight drilling may take part to enhance and adjust the balance of each tooth.
    3. The tooth-colored fillings material is placed in the issue’s area. The tooth-colored material looks natural and more beautiful than other fillings composites.
    4. Finally, the dentist will finish off by polishing the composites to improve the teeth appearance.

Treatment Duration

Fillings last for 5-10 years, depend on the aftercare.

Tooth-Fillings Aftercare

Fillings last for 5-10 years, depend on the aftercare.

Tooth-Fillings Aftercare

  1. Beware not to chew hard food
  2. Using dental floss after meals especially around the fillings area

Frequently Asked Questions

      Q : Have spacing issues, but do not want to do tooth’s fillings, is there any other treatment?
      A : Other options are Veneer enamel and tooth alignment.
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