Bad Breathing Is Not A Joke

Bad breathing is not only caused from food trapping on teeth gap or plaque, but also from bacteria on the tongue. Therefore, do not forget to brush your tongue along when you brush your teeth. Normal toothbrush or tongue scraper will do...

Having spacing issues but..want to avoid teeth alignment

Spacing issues can be fixed by having teeth alignment to adjust the alignment of the teeth and replace to teeth spaces. However, many people do not want to do teeth alignment.

What to do if metal braces cutting my inner cheeks?

Getting braces cutting on the inner cheeks can be a “pain in the neck” problem to everyone who is having teeth alignment. Here are some tips to treat the pain or soreness caused by wire’s cut during Covid-19 or Working-from-home.

A perfect aligned smile

With the special techniques from our dentists at TDH Invisalign team, teeth alignment will not only adjust the alignment but also will improve the overall facial structure. ..

Wearing Invisalign clear aligners from 7-8 years old, is it good?

“Is it good to have teeth alignment at young age?” and “Why clear aligners?” are popular questions for parents who are concerning about their children’s oral health and achieving bright smiles...
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