Ridge preservation

Ridge preservation or Socket preservation is a procedure in which graft material or scaffold is placed in the socket of an extracted tooth at the time of extraction to preserve the alveolar ridge. After extraction, jaw bones have to be preserved to keep sockets in its original shape. Without socket preservation, the bone quickly resorbs. The jaw bone will never revert to its original shape once bone is lost and tissue contour has changed.Socket Preservation differs from Ridge Augmentation; in Socket Preservation, the graft or scaffold is placed inside the tooth socket immediately after extraction, whereas the Ridge Augmentation grafting procedure is done to bring back the lost bone after the bone has resorbed and there is insufficient ridge height or width for further treatment procedure.

1. When natural teeth are removed and missing, the natural healing and resorption of the bone occurs causing the ridge to deform. 

2. An alternative procedure is a Ridge preservation technique. When the teeth are removed the flap is prepared to expose the bone.

3. The teeth socket is then filled with the bone substitute. The type substitute used is determined on case by case basis. Maybe a synthetic material or another that will stimulate bone graft .The material of choice is used to fill all the voids including the tooth sockets as long as any bone defects. 

4. This area can be covered with the dissolvable membrane to enhance healing process. 

5. The flap is then repositioned and sutures are placed.The area is then allowed to heal over a period of time.Sutures will be removed or dissolve themselves.With time the membrane underneath the gum will be dissolvedand the the bone substitue will be replaced with the patient's own bone by the body. 

6. This treatment often creates an ideal ridge and the edentulous area.We can now place implants in an ideal bone.

7. Or we can have the bone supported-sof tissues under other prosthetic options.



Socket Preservation procedure prevents immediate bone resorption after extraction thus keeping the contour and integrity of the socket with successful and natural looking appearance for tooth restorative procedures. All dental prosthesis requires good jaw bone support for it to be successful in the long run. Without socket preservation, residual bones could lose volume resulting in loss of facial vertical and horizontal dimension and changes in facial soft tissues aesthetics.